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dtv plus™

When you take a shower, where
does your shower take you?

Kohler brings water, sound, steam and light together like no one else in DTV+. It's our most advanced showering system ever.


DTV+ at a glance DTV+ at a glance

Use the DTV+ touchscreen interface to control every element of your shower and create a true multi-sensory showering experience. There's nothing quite like it for the home. And it's only from Kohler.

Water, music, steam and light

Total rejuvenation Total rejuvenation

Relaxation. Well-Being. Energy. DTV+ transports you someplace else entirely with pre-programmed spa experiences based on actual hydrotherapies. Take your daily shower to another level, and another world.


Control the elements Control the elements

DTV+ lets you customize your showering experience down to the last detail. Precision temperature. Timing. Coordination between shower components. All with a simple touch.


dtv plus™

It's not a shower. It's an experience.

There's nothing quite like it for the home, and it's only from KOHLER.